Second Career After Redundancy

In recent times, redundancy has become the norm as hard economic times bite. Being rendered redundant does not mean you are not eligible for work. You can always dust yourself off and start over in a second career. As long as you are determined, you will find something to fall back on, and it can be even more fulfilling than the first job. The trick to success in a second career after redundancy is to stop feeling sorry about your situation and use the redundancy as a learning experience towards getting greater things.

Taking up second career after redundancy

  • Let go of the stress

Most redundancy letters always come as a shock. It can be very stressful dealing with the sudden loss of a job. Before you start looking for a second job, you should first deal with the stress and panic that comes with redundancy. Make sure you are in the right frame of mind and then start making your applications. If you feel you are not ready for another job, take your time and seek professional counseling if need be.

  • Get more training

It helps to have an additional skill for you to be marketable as a job seeker. There are classes such as office communication, management, computer skills, programming and other skills that will boost your resume. Register to a college near you, and if you do not have resources, you can search for scholarship opportunities or grants that prepare people for second careers. It is never too late to embrace a new skill.

  • Rework your resume

After being rendered redundant, it is time for you to dust up your resume and update the details. In your previous job, you probably got skills and experiences that would make your application stand out. Include them in your resume and do some basic editing as you prepare to start sending the applications to potential employers.

  • Take control of your social media platforms

Social media can be a good tool to look for a second career. Being rendered redundant gives you an opportunity to go to your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages to network with companies and people who may give you employment opportunities. Resist the urge to use social media to rant about your previous employer or post negative emotions about being laid off.

  • Be positive

When you start seeking employment, you will get invited to many interviews. Try as hard as possible to remain positive when attending interviews. Do not focus on your redundancy and mention it only when asked. As much as you may want to talk about how being laid off made you feel, do not belabor around it as you may come off as bitter.

  • Keep applying

Do not give up when the first application you send does not yield fruits. Keep applying for different jobs and you can even register to an agency that helps in identifying job opportunities. Make sure that you sound optimistic in your application.

Generally, the trick to rising from being laid off lies with you. You can decide to let it weigh you down, or you can use it as a learning opportunity to embrace new challenges. Do not let a job redundancy define you. There are many companies that will give you a second chance if you put yourself out there.