Second Career After Maternity Leave

Going back to the work environment after being on a long maternity break can be overwhelming for most people. If you are thinking of changing jobs and getting into an entirely different profession or career after your maternity leave, you should get some new skills to help you navigate through the process. Some of the tips for a second career after maternity leave include:

Have an Updated Calendar

You should bear in mind the important dates that will affect your child’s development and factor them into your calendar so that you can plan well. For instance, your child’s visit to the pediatrician, when the child is scheduled for appointments at the dentist, and other important dates. Once you have an updated calendar, you can then plan for your leave days or have an assistant to step in for you while you are at work.

Learn to Negotiate

Before you sign your employment contract, you should read through the terms and find out if you can negotiate for a flexible time that works best for you. For instance, if you are still breastfeeding and you want to break early, you can talk to the managers to see if you can get an assistant. There are some companies that may require you to take a slight pay cut, so you should be aware of the terms before you accept the terms. You should always be open about your expectations while at the same time assuring the company you plan to work for that you will not use motherhood as an excuse to short change them.

Consider the Work Environment

Before you take up a job after your maternity, you should find out if the work environment is conducive for a working mother. Ask if they have a nursing room where you can express breast milk if you are breastfeeding. You should also ask if you will be exposed to chemicals and other factors that may interfere with breast milk and harm your baby.

Get New Skills

In this day and age, employment is all about what new thing you have to offer. This means that for you to be competitive, you should consider going back to school and learning a new skill. This can be something that is in line with the career that you plan to pursue. It can also be something that sets you apart from others, like learning how to communicate, acquiring management skills, and other skills that make you a better employee. There are many colleges that have opportunities for people who are seeking a second career after maternity leave.

Research Job Opportunities

Before you take up any offer that you think is available, you should do your research both online and offline and find out if there are interesting career opportunities for you. You should be specific on the kind of jobs you are looking for, and how far (distance) you are willing to go while commuting to work. You should also be open to asking for referrals from friends.

Market Yourself

The fact that you are a mother does not mean that you cannot get the job of your dreams. If you package yourself well and tweak your resume, you will be setting yourself on the right career path. You should also dare to put your qualifications on social media platforms for you to identify networking opportunities